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Help craft brewers, importers and beverage companies build stronger businesses. We can take action, working with you, to help solve problems and move forward.

Help beverage Companies build stronger businesses

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What our clients say about us…

Palmetto Brewing Company

“Mike Mitaro, President of Brewers Advisors, was instrumental in helping us facilitate this deal and helping us understand how our company fits within the changing craft beer industry. We were introduced to people with similar values which made doing a business transaction easier. Mike’s relationships in the beer industry and experience with transactions like these helped us structure a deal that worked for both Palmetto and Catawba. His reassuring advice and professionalism helped smooth the path every step of the way.”

—Larry Lipov, Palmetto Brewing Company

Meet our team

Mike Mitaro
Founder & President

Brewers Advisors is comprised of a team of beverage industry experts. For each project, we tap into the team’s expertise as needed. Every assignment and relationship is strictly confidential and is led by Mike Mitaro, who is always personally involved… “I like to make every client feel like they are the only client. Each client deserves our complete dedication.”

Mike Mitaro is a leading beer industry expert, regularly sought by large and small breweries for his insights into the inner workings of brewing companies and distributors. Mike has appeared in prominent consumer and trade publications, including The New York Times, FORTUNE Magazine, Modern Brewery Age, and others.

Meet our team of advisors and consultants.

Shaun Higgins

Shaun Higgins is a former President of Coca Cola Enterprises Europe, brings extensive experience and is instrumental in helping beverage companies navigate these challenging times.

Steve Woodward

Steve Woodward has consulted with leading craft brewing businesses on strategic direction, ownership and structural options as well as organization design and succession planning.

Bryce Eriksen
Digital Adviser

Bryce Eriksen is the digital marketing partner for Brewers Advisory Group. With 15+ years experience and international expertise, Bryce helps businesses get the most out of their digital world.

News & Blog

Ramblings of a wise(ish) man

A message from Mike

As a craft brewery owner there is no greater feeling than being at the bar, anonymous to the consumer, and watching someone step up and order your beer. It is the culmination of your dream; the beer you created is wanted by someone who could have ordered anything…

10 Predictions for 2020s Decade

Beer will decline this generation for many well-documented reasons. It will be the next decade before the pendulum swings back toward beer. Beer as reward, beer as social catalyst, beer as a badge…everything that traditionally made beer the preferred beverage is less relevant than ever…

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