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Brewers Advisors specializes in helping beverage companies solve problems and take advantage of business opportunities. We have extensive experience in the business of craft beer and other beverages. Our goal is to help you be successful.

Help beverage Companies build stronger businesses

These are tough times in the craft brewing business. Craft sales are down and shelf space is harder to hold in the face of all the new products jamming the shelves. We look at your entire business – operations, finance, sku management, marketing, sales, HR…every aspect of the business to help make it more profitable so you can withstand the headwinds and sleep better at night.

Meeting Challenges and Opportunities

Problems happen. We help solve them. When opportunities come up, we help make them a reality. Brewers Advisors has specific expertise in the following areas:

– High stakes decision making
– Branding and marketing guidance
– Assessing financial condition and finding solutions
– Pricing analysis and margin improvement
– Working with founders to help manage investors and Board

Selling Or Merging Your Craft Brewery, Beverage Company or Distributorship

The decision to sell your company is a deeply emotional experience, often filled with anxiety and uncertainty. We have been through it multiple times, whether with our own businesses or those of our clients. We work with our clients throughout the process, from initial consideration through to closing, to achieve the best possible outcome. We are beer entrepreneurs with a lot of experience in selling beverage companies and distributors, and achieving positive results.

Distributor Management

For brewers who are just getting started in the US or for brands that are already in the market but need to accelerate growth, we can help you understand how your distributors operate and get the most attention and focus from them.

Distributor Appointments
We identify the right distributors, help set up the network and negotiate pricing and distributor agreements. We then develop local marketing plans and budgets with the distributors.

Distributor Terminations
We provide assistance in getting you out of a non-performing distributor without litigation. We negotiate an amicable transfer of brand distribution rights where possible.

Correcting Under-Performance
If a good distributor is under-performing, we have remedies. Our company provides professional business planning and ongoing management to get sales and distribution back on track.

Expert Witness and Restructuring

We provide expert witness services in alcoholic beverage litigation and have helped breweries work through the courts to restructure or sell their business

Mentoring Talented People

We provide professional guidance and training to your valued employees. Using one-on-one training, we’re able to increase the effectiveness and production of high potential employees.

News & Blog

Ramblings of a wise(ish) man

A message from Mike

As a craft brewery owner there is no greater feeling than being at the bar, anonymous to the consumer, and watching someone step up and order your beer. It is the culmination of your dream; the beer you created is wanted by someone who could have ordered anything…

10 Predictions for 2020s Decade

Beer will decline this generation for many well-documented reasons. It will be the next decade before the pendulum swings back toward beer. Beer as reward, beer as social catalyst, beer as a badge…everything that traditionally made beer the preferred beverage is less relevant than ever…

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