About us

Led by beer industry consultant Mike Mitaro, Brewers Advisors is a team of experts in the craft brewing business, including business strategy, investor relations, sales and marketing, and problem solving. Our team works together to meet the needs of our clients and brings extensive experience to solve the issues at hand.

Mike Mitaro, Founder & President

Mike Mitaro has founded, operated and sold four beer companies in his career. Mike has held executive positions in marketing, sales and general management in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments, and established a track record of identifying market opportunities and building brands. He founded and operated the Rheingold Brewing Company, a New York City based contract craft brewery. After six years of brand building and selling in the streets of New York, he sold his interest to an investor group and left the brewery a year later to start a new company. He then served as President and CEO of Carlsberg USA Inc. from 2004–2009, building the brands of the #4 global brewer in the United States. In 2009 Mike acquired the business of Carlsberg USA and sold it several years later to a strategic buyer. Mike founded Brewers Advisors in 2013 to serve the craft brewing and distributing community and help the owners achieve their dreams.

Shaun Higgins

Shaun Higgins is a former President of Coca Cola Enterprises Europe, brings extensive experience and is instrumental in helping craft breweries navigate these challennging times. Mr. Higgins has thirty years of global experience in the beverage industry and five years experience in public accounting. He served in a number of senior level positions in the Coca Cola system before becoming President of Coca Cola Enterprises Europe, including, President and COO of Coca Cola Canada, Chief Strategist and Planning Officer, and Chief Financial Officer of Coca Cola Enterprises. Mr. Higgins currently sits on a number of other public and private company boards, serves as an executive coach to senior corporate leaders and works closely with the Brewers Advisory Group team. He received a BBA degree in Public Accounting from Pace University, and is a Certified Public Accountant and Fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Steve Woodward

Steve Woodward has consulted with leading craft brewing businesses on strategic direction, ownership and structural options as well as organization design and succession planning. He has coached executives in the craft brewing business on personal development and leadership. Steve has held senior executive positions in the USA, Europe and Africa and has conducted M&A in these continents. He was also SVP: HR of Miller Brewing Company and Chief HR Officer of MillerCoors. He led the operational due diligence for SABMiller’s $7bn acquisition of the Bavaria business in Latin America and was a member of the executive team which led the Miller and Coors merger and integration between 2008 and 2010. Steve has a special talent for helping craft breweries and the people who led them operate more effectively.

Bryce Eriksen

Bryce Eriksen is the digital marketing partner for Brewers Advisory Group. With 15+ years experience and international expertise, Bryce helps businesses get the most out of their digital world. He is an expert in digital media strategy and online brand building and is on the leading edge of consumer trends and how they affect craft breweries.