As a craft brewery owner there is no greater feeling than being at the bar, anonymous to the consumer, and watching someone step up and order your beer. It is the culmination of your dream; the beer you created is wanted by someone who could have ordered anything. But what that consumer never sees is

10 Predictions for 2020s Decade

1. Beer will decline this generation for many well-documented reasons. It will be the next decade before the pendulum swings back toward beer. Beer as reward, beer as social catalyst, beer as a badge…everything that traditionally made beer the preferred beverage is less relevant than ever. 2. ABI/MC will rebound and begin to dominate the

Survival Tips for 2020

Taking the long view of the past 80 years since Prohibition ended, it went something like this: 1940s and 50s Lots of local breweries making great beer. Kind of like today. 1960s and 70s Big beer takes over and knocks out the little guys. 1980s – 2000s Light beer domination gives rise to imports for


Friends and Associates: Brewers Advisory Group announced that it acted as advisor to Palmetto Brewing Company in its agreement to be acquired by Catawba Brewing Company. The transaction closed in late December. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Palmetto Brewery sold approximately 16,000 barrels in 2017, and has experienced rapid growth. Catawba Brewing sold about 17,500


What competition will look like – is what competition has always looked like in the beer business. Doing whatever it takes to get your draught beer sold at the bar and keep it there. Stretching the rules to get some business. Discounting to fill capacity or move aging product. Here only the strong survive. It